Thursday, August 18, 2005

A good friend

Rabin was part of a circle of my friends that met when we were all at Queen Mary College. At the time, in the late 1980's, he was an undergraduate and I was working in the Computer Science department. We discovered a common interest in Role Playing Games which, if you don't know, are a very social activity involving sitting around acting out a story together, often in a fantasy "Lord of the Rings" type environment but also sometimes in futuristic or contemporary settings. The game is really an excuse to get together over some drinks and food and have a good time. Rabin was a well-loved member of our group and his intelligence and wry sense of humour will never be forgotten.

In latter years, as we have got older and ever more busy, it has become more difficult to arrange to meet up as a large group. However Rabin always made the effort to come along, even if it was just a couple of us meeting for a drink, or the occasional barbecues some of us hold. Out of all my friends I think he was the most intelligent, ethical, and dependable. I won't forget him.

Paul Davison


Blogger Simon Ivons-Anforth said...

I myself am one of the members of this roleplaying group which Paul mentioned, and thats where I met Rabin.
I did not know him for long, and unfortunately his work took him away from us most of the time. But the time that I did share with him was filled with bright conversations, an impeccable sence of decency and a wry wit that made our evenings very enjoyable indeed.
He shall be missed.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Vicky Glover-Ward said...

I met Rabin through Paul when I was at college and while I will remember his honesty, integrity and willingness to put himself out for his friends the thing I miss most is his dry sense of humour and his presence. The lack of short emails with comments like:

Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
Benjamin Franklin

Does that make Atkins' the diet of the unbeliever?

Will mean that my life has less bright spots within it.

Having parties where Rabin is not trying to reason with my cat (he used to have long discussions with him about the fact that the cat should vacate his chair/not jump on his lap/not try to eat food off his plate which generally didn't work since a. cat was deaf and b. cat did what he liked anyway but Rabin continually worked on the assumption that everyone could be reasoned with), being the one who is actually trying to work out who is the murderer (murder mystery dinners)but eventually being over taken by the giggles and contributing to the general silliness and while generally quiet at large gatherings, interjecting with a well made point or funny remark will just never be the same.

Over the last months where Rabin has not been around it just feels like he is working and has just gone a bit quiet which happened periodically - but I know underneath this impression that there is a Rabin shaped hole in my life that will not easily be filled. Rabin was one of the people who really added fun and was someone I always knew I could rely upon and I will miss him as will my friends.

My friend Yvette, who met him over the years at my parties, would also like to comment but her computer illiteracy makes it difficult - she remembers him as a kind, gentle and decent man who she will also miss.

All I can really end with is to say thank you Rabin for being here even if it was a short stay.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Solomon Ezra said...

Vicky, many thanks.
Rabin was a wonderful son to us. While not being demonstrative his very deep love and respect for us was never in doubt. In very quite and gentle ways he evidenced his thoughtfulness for us. His enquiries about our health and welfare were always gently spoken. He never 'rebuked' us if we were guilty of an oversight or forgetfulness.
Yes, I miss his e-mails that he would send me regarding matters of health and in connection with my interests in photography, horology, DIY etc. I am a very enthusiastic DIY'er and Rabin always called on my experience when his friends needed some help.
The "Rabin shaped hole" will always be with us and is also among his friends and all the members of the 'extended' family including our folks in the USA, India and Israel.
While we are angry with Fate's unkindness to us we know that we have a great deal to be grateful for. The fact that he had/has this wonderful circle of devoted friends is very comforting to us.
Thanks a million.

11:28 AM  

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